1. Audio Enhancement
    Whether it be air conditioner hum, wind on the microphone or cars honking left and right, audio enhancement is what you need to be able to hear the conversation more clearly; with adaptive, impulse and anti-reverberation filters our aim is to clarify that recording.
  2. Audio Authentication
    You were interviewed for 30 mns, but only have 25 mns of recorded conversation; or perhaps you know that a conversation did not occur in the way that a tape is being presented. What do you do? Audio Authentication is your answer.
  3. Video Enhancement
    De-blurring a license plate, enhancing an out of focus frame or stabilizing a jittery video recording is when video enhancement is needed. We strive to make that video look like what you saw when you pressed the record button.
  4. Voice Identification / Verification
    What do you do when you are accused of making threatening phone calls to someone and you know that you are innocent? Using a Voice Exemplar and comparing it to the recording using aural and spectrographic techniques can help win your case.
  5. Photographic Enhancement
    Out of focus photographs, pictures taken without proper light or images where the exposure time is miscalculated. So many mishaps can occur when taking a photo, and at the end of the day, that picture is useless. Or is it? Enhancement is what we do best.
  6. Mobile Forensics (coming soon!)
    Whether it is retrieving photos, voicemail or text, we are there for you. Photos and videos can also be extracted and enhanced for your records.
  7. Expert Witness
    If you require an expert witness to testify in court, our rate is $2,500 a day plus expenses. We will explain our methodology and go through our findings step by step, in a way that a jury can understand.
  8. Depositions
    Depositions can be drafted after analysis of your files. Our rate is $1,500 (up to 4 hours) per Deposition and can be done in a timely manner. More than 4 hours would move it to the Day Rate.
Average rate is $200.00/hr per hour of analysis. Quotes are generally given after we have seen the file(s).
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