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Live Science logo- How audio forensics reveals voices' secrets
              April 5, 2012 12:02 PM
     Some of the hottest pieces of evidence in the Trayvon Martin case are the 911 calls neighbors made during   the March 26 confrontation between Martin and George Zimmerman, who fatally shot him.
The Orlando Sentinel asked an audio expert to analyze the recording of a call made to police to try to determine
whether a scream in the background came from Zimmerman, who claimed he had fire in self-defense, or from Martin.
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Forensic Audio Experts mixed on whether "Ian from Etobicoke" caller was Rob Ford
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October, 31 a listener called a local Toronto radio show, introducing himself as Ian, and defended the governor of Toronto Rob Ford in his speech.
Some have decided that the caller was Rob Ford himself but was he really? The Canadian news agency Global News asked for clarification from the audio forensic experts. Marisa T. Déry, a forensic engineer at the Tamar Mastering*, Boston uses STC Forensic Audio Workstation in her investigation.    (* Now Tamar Forensics)
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