Who or what is Tamar Forensics?

Marisa T. Dery photo
Tamar Forensics was created by Marisa T. Déry , an audio professional who has been in the audio industry for over 30 years.

Déry first began as an Audio Engineer, then a  Mastering Engineer, where she worked on CD releases, films and documentaries that were distributed nationally and internationally.
After enhancing several recordings for the legal system, she started to focus on her training in audio forensics.
In 2002, she was deeply immersed in audio forensics and in 2016, the Audio Forensic Lab @Tamar Mastering became Tamar Forensics.
Tamar Forensics offers professional services in the enhancement and restoration of recorded evidence for law enforcement agencies, prosecuting attorneys, district attorneys, defense attorneys and the general public. Authentication, Enhancement, and Voice Identification are our specialties.
"My job is to make whatever evidence that is handed to me as clear and intelligible as possible. If authentication is required, I will look for any signs of tampering, or any evidence that the recording in my hand is or is not an original. I will search for the truth."
                                                                                         Marisa T. Déry